Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to Horror-Ble Humor Monster Cards!

So, for those of you who came here thanks to the link on my Random Acts of Geekery blog, this is going to be rehash... but bear with me, okay?

Last October, as part of my participation in the multi-blog "Countdown to Halloween," I decided to post photos of monster cards -- at least, all the ones I could get decent photos of from eBay auctions. It turned out I had more in my files than I could use in one month, so I saved the rest for October 2010's Countdown... but you know what? I'm the kind of guy who isn't ever satisfied with doing the same thing year after year. The first year I was in the Countdown, I posted one monster-related photo on October 1, then 2 on October 3, and so forth all the way to 31 photos on Halloween itself, and each year, my participation has grown and grown. So I had to do something new and exciting for this year!

And the answer came to me in a flash: Design my own monster cards! I figured that if I went through all my photo files, I should have plenty of photos of a high enough resolution to have way more cards than I would need for one year (although that didn't quite turn out to be the case). And as I started going through my files, I started to think of what name I wanted to use for these cards. "Horror-Ble Humor" sounded great to me, so I chose that!

Of course, I also had to make sure that anyone who liked these cards would be able to print out a set for themselves, and I wanted to make them somewhat authentic, so I had to design a front and back side, and make sure they'd line up properly (assuming that one's printer is consistent with printing, which mine is most decidedly not!). And I knew that as creative as I am, I'm sure that my funny joke for each card wasn't necessarily going to be the funniest line anyone could think of...

So, I figured, why not make this an interactive process? I decided to create this new blog, and post each of the 72 cards I designed (well, the front sides, anyway), one each day, throughout June, July and part of August, and see if anyone out there was funnier than I am (and I'm sure that there are plenty of you who are!).

When I post the finished cards front and back here and on the Random Acts of Geekery, any card that I change the caption for because of a funnier line will have the author of the joke credited on the back of the card -- how's that for incentive?

So, without further ado, please, add your funny captions in the comments, just try to bear in mind the space limitations! And Fang You Very Much!

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